Submission to the Review of the Regulatory Frameworks for Stand-alone Power Systems Draft Report

The Australian Energy Markets Commission (Commission) is undertaking a review into the regulatory arrangements frameworks for stand-alone power systems under the National Electricity Law, the National Energy Retail Law and associated rules.

A stand-alone power system (SAPS) is an electricity supply arrangement that is not physically connected to the national grid. The term encompasses both microgrids, which supply electricity to multiple customers, and individual power systems, which supply electricity to a single customer.

On 18 December 2018, the Commission published a draft report, setting out its analysis undertaken over the course of the review to date. The Draft Report considers mechanisms for transitioning customers to off-grid supply, the regulatory and commercial arrangements that would then apply on an ongoing basis, and the consumer protections that should be put in place.

AGL made a submission in response to Commission’s Draft Report, a copy of which is available here.