As a large ASX-listed employer and an active participant in the communities we operate in, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our people and the communities we operate in.

This shared responsibility for the safety of the community was evident in the heroic emergency rescue of a local family involved in a car accident late last year, by our very own Blake Collins, Production Operator at Camden.

In acknowledgment of Blake’s heroic actions, our CEO and MD, Brett Redman, recently presented an ‘Ovation Award’ – the highest acknowledgment under AGL’s employee recognition program - to Blake.

Blake’s acts of kindness and bravery have been acknowledged by the local Fire Brigade, his Camden teammates and all of AGL couldn't be prouder of Blake and his actions.

Here is Blake’s story…

Can you tell us more about what happened that day?

“On 14 December 2018 I was out driving in a severe thunderstorm near the junction of the Dairy on Cawdor Rd, where AGL has gas wells, when I saw a mini-van that had crashed.”

“The torrential rain had caused the driver to lose control in the wet and the van was on its side in the middle of the road with smoke coming out of the engine bay.”

“I quickly drove up to the car and I could see a man struggling to get out of the driver’s door, so I jumped out of my ute and quickly helped him get out of the vehicle.”

“He then informed me there was a child and a woman still trapped in the vehicle, so I ran to the back of the vehicle but couldn’t access the child through there.”

“I managed to get the child, who was around two years old, out through the smashed sunroof – while the man got the woman out.”

“I put the child in my ute and quickly reversed it back and the next second the whole vehicle went up in flames. The whole incident would have been about a minute or two.”

What happened next?

“The child was bleeding, so I started to perform first aid while ensuring the man and woman weren’t in shock. I also contacted 000.”

“Other people started to arrive, so I asked them to stay back as the mini-van was completely engulfed in flames.”

“I managed to control the child’s bleeding and looked after him until the fire brigade and ambulance arrived about ten minutes later, and the family was taken to hospital.”

Safety is part of our culture

At AGL, our approach to safety is embedded in our business and we’ve worked hard to create a culture where safety, be it physical, emotional or environmental, is considered the highest priority and our greatest responsibility.