Energy and affordability were amongst the most contested and debated topics in 2018. As an essential service provider, we have a responsibility to listen to this feedback and take action. We need to keep working to get this right. There will be no silver bullet, or one size fits all solution, but working with our counterparts is a vital part of addressing community concerns about energy and energy affordability.

With a shared goal to progress the culture and develop solutions to deliver energy in line with community expectations, AGL is proud to be a participant in the first whole-of-industry initiative called The Energy Charter.

Our shared goal

The Energy Charter is explicit in its commitment to embed customer-centric culture and conduct in energy businesses to create real improvements in affordability and service delivery. This is through committing to the following five principles:

  1. Putting customers at the center of business and the energy system
  2. Improving energy affordability for customers
  3. Providing energy safely, sustainably and reliably
  4. Improving the customer experience
  5. Supporting customers facing vulnerable circumstances

We can equal more than the sum of our parts

Together we believe we can do more to regain the confidence of customers and the community. We recognise that the community expects us to do more on energy affordability, to provide confidence in supply, and to deliver better service.

The energy industry cannot address the issues on its own. It requires a cooperative approach across industry, government and institutions to deliver affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

How will the Energy Charter work?

  • The Energy Charter is a principles-based disclosure regime that can be applied to all businesses across the gas and electricity supply chains.
  • The Energy Charter sets out five principles to advance the industry vision and Principles in Action that represent the practical initiatives to progress the Principles.
  • Those who commit to the Energy Charter will agree to publicly identify how they are delivering against the Charter Principles and providing positive outcomes for customers.
  • If they do not implement measures consistent with the Principles, they will explain why.
  • It is critical that energy businesses are transparent and accountable for their statements. An independent accountability panel will be established to review disclosures and produce an annual evaluation report on them.

Process and participants

Taking effect from 1 January 2019, the Energy Charter and accountability framework were developed by an Industry Working Group made up of supporting businesses representatives. There was close consultation with consumer and business representatives during its development.

Energy Consumers Australia will be closely monitoring progress and providing guidance based on consumer expectations of the initiative. Energy Consumers Australia will be the Accountability Panel Host in 2019.

Current signatories are: AGL Energy, APA Group, Aurora Energy, Ausgrid, AusNet Services, Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, CS Energy, Endeavour Energy, Energy Queensland Limited including Ergon Energy Network, Energex, Yurika and Ergon Energy Retail, EnergyAustralia, Essential Energy, Jemena & Ovida, Meridian Energy Australia & Powershop Australia, Origin Energy, Powerlink Queensland, Stanwell and TransGrid.