AGL submission on additional proposals for Consumer Data Right Treasury Bill

AGL recently responded to the Federal Governments exposure draft legislation to create a new Consumer Data Right (CDR) Framework.

Following this process, Treasury released additional provisions for consultation based on the feedback they received. The primary proposals include:

  • Improving the requirements that the ACCC and responsible Minister must follow to designate a sector under the CDR.
  • Attempting to limit value-added data by moving responsibility to Ministerial designation
  • Attempting to simplify the interaction of the privacy safeguards and the Privacy Act
  • Clarifying the ACCC rules on the principle of reciprocity (if a data receiver should be obliged to share equivalent data)
  • Simplifying CDR fees mechanisms in line with competitive market operations.

While these proposals are welcomed, we consider more needs to be done to simplify the privacy elements and the approach to value-added data. AGL has suggested the Government take the necessary time and do not rush through major consumer protection measures to identify and address any unintended consequences.

AGL’s full submission to these additional provisions can be read here.

AGL’s previous submission to Treasury can be read here.