Submission in response to the review of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting legislation

On 31 July, the Climate Change Authority (CCA) released a consultation paper to facilitate consultation on its review of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) legislation. A copy of the consultation is available here. The review focused on the three key aspects of the legislation: emissions and energy reporting, the safeguard mechanism, and the auditing framework, to determine whether these elements are fit for purpose, achieving their objectives and if any improvements are needed.

AGL has been reporting under the NGER scheme since the program’s inception in 2007. The major activities covered by our reported facilities are traditional thermal power generation through combustion of coal and gas, and some of our facilities are the largest point source emitters of some substances in Australia. We believe that the NGER scheme provides a useful framework under which to report greenhouse and energy data, and we are supportive of the scheme. AGL made a submission in response to the NGER review, a copy of which is available here.