Lots of workplaces have flexible working policies, but what really makes the difference is whether or not you can work flexibly without feeling like you’re torn between two worlds - whether you feel that way is determined by culture, not policy.

While we could all do with a little more time and energy at work and at home, having a workplace that can be flexible about flexibility is what can make it work for everyone involved.

We all have different priorities, experiences and commitments and because of these differences, there is no template that allows everyone to be their best selves at home and at work.

At AGL, flexibility may mean different start and finish times, a condensed working week, working remotely or job sharing – or something else we haven’t thought of yet.

“Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is embedded in our flexible workplace and our core company values but policies don’t enable this alone. The culture of the business is what allows diversity, inclusion and flexibility to thrive and develop.”

We are proud to share the stories of how our Senior Sustainability Managers, Cathlin Thurbon and Anita George, an engineer and a lawyer, job share. In turn role-modelling the culture that lets a flexible workplace really work.