Demand response is arriving in time for the coming Australian summer.

ARENA and the Australian Energy Market Operator have joined forces with companies from across the energy sector to bring ten exciting projects from eight innovators, spanning New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. AGL's project "Bring your own thing" has been one of the successful projects.

AGL is proposing to deliver up to 20 MW of demand response through a combination of commercial, industrial and residential customers. 17 MW will come from commercial and industrial partners, while the remaining 3 MW will come from AGL’s residential customers which include more than 70,000 in NSW with smart meters.

Commercial partners will include water utilities, mines and quarries, telecommunications companies and airports. Residential customers will either be able to “bring your own thing” (connecting a device such as home battery storage and rooftop solar to the program) or will simply reduce energy use when they are notified by text message that a demand response event is happening.

More information about this project can be accessed via this link.