In recognition that individuals, organisations and communities must all play a role in changing the way we support people impacted by family and domestic violence, AGL’s integrated domestic violence policy supports our people and customers who are impacted by domestic violence.

  • Supporting our people - Our Family and Domestic Violence Support Policy provides AGL people with up to 10 days paid Domestic Violence Leave along with flexible work arrangements and access to counselling services through our Employee Assistance Program.
  • Supporting our customers - Our customer support policy ensures calls are transferred to hardship specialists, the availability of flexible payment arrangements and debt relief on a case-by-case basis, and additional steps are taken to protect account privacy.

This year, we also established a working group to help facilitate the creation of a safe and supportive workplace for our people who are affected by family and domestic violence. The group is made up of people from across our business who are passionate about ensuring that anyone impacted by family and domestic violence feels supported in the workplace. The group is working on introducing further processes to embed our policy, and we’re hoping to deliver further training during FY18 to raise awareness of the issue and the support mechanisms available.

Read more about our work in the diversity and inclusion area in our FY17 Sustainability Report.