The NSW Energy Security Taskforce has been established to look at how NSW manages energy security and resilience, including readiness, planning, preparation and response capability to extreme events such as weather. The review by the taskforce seeks to:

  • Assess the risks to and resilience of the NSW electricity system (including the transmission and distribution networks) from extreme weather events in the context of a changing climate;
  • Review the adequacy of the State‚Äôs management of electricity system security events including prevention, preparedness, response and recovery; and
  • Make recommendations on actions to address any vulnerabilities identified and/or opportunities for improvements to current practices

AGL made this AGL Submission NSW Taskforce energy security review Final to the Taskforce. Our submission seeks to address the focus areas of the NSW Taskforce by looking at three critical actions needed from Federal, State and Local governments. These are:

  • Investment certainty in a carbon constrained future;
  • Integration of increasing levels of variable renewable generation; and
  • Protecting customers through the transition.