Changes to your Energy Plan Terms and Conditions

As of 1 April 2023, you'll notice some changes to your energy plan terms and conditions, and that’s because we’re moving you onto our AGL Market Contract Terms. If you do not wish to accept these new terms, contact us and we'll be happy to chat about your options, including the availability of a regulated Standard Retail Contract.

If you've got solar, you'll be moved onto our AGL Solar Feed-in Terms, which have eligibility criteria (VIC and other states) to receive a solar feed-in tariff. None of your rates, benefits, fees and any applicable concessions will be impacted by this change. If you do not wish to accept the new terms, contact us to discuss.

Good to know: You can switch your energy plan or change your energy retailer at any time with no exit fees.

Summary of AGL Market Contract General Terms 

Below is a summary of some of the key terms and conditions of AGL’s Market Contract for small customers on the East Coast. It is not a complete summary. Please read through AGL’s Market Contract General Terms to understand your rights and obligations under your AGL energy plan. 

Scope of this Market Contract

Under this Market Contract, AGL will sell and supply energy to the Supply Address according to the terms of your Energy Plan. We will arrange a Meter Service Provider to provide, install, repair, replace, alter, maintain and remove your electricity meter as required.

You agree to pay any amount, including any Charge that is set out (or the basis for the calculation of the amount set out) in your Market Contract or your Energy Plan.

If AGL supplies both gas and electricity at the Supply Address, then there are separate Market Contracts with these terms for each Energy Type. If you have more than one account with us, we may transfer credits accrued in one of your accounts to another of your accounts.

The duration of this Market Contract

The Market Contract General Terms set out the circumstances in which your Market Contract will end, including that you or AGL may terminate your Market Contract with 20 business days’ notice. Where you intend to move out of the Supply Address, your Market Contract will end on the latr of an agreed date if you give AGL at least three Business Days’ prior notice and the date AGL obtains a Meter Reading. 

Variation of this Market Contract

AGL may vary this Market Contract by providing written notice of the variation, which may consist of notice with a link to details of the variation on the AGL website. 

AGL may vary this Market Contract immediately:

  • to accommodate any change in any Regulatory Requirements or where permitted by a Regulatory Requirement;
  • to make a change that you have requested or expressly consented to;
  • to make an administrative or typographical change;
  • to make the terms of the Market Contract more favourable to you; or
  • to add or vary an Ancillary Product, where requested by you or where it is likely to benefit you.

For all other variations to this Market Contract, we will give you at least 20 Business Days’ prior notice of the variation. 

Variations of Charges

If we vary your Charges, we will give you written notice of the variation per Regulatory Requirements, and otherwise by your next bill after the variation takes effect.

If you are a solar customer, we may vary your solar feed-in tariff by giving you written notice per Regulatory Requirements and AGL’s solar feed-in terms. 

AGL may vary your electricity tariff category if we become aware of a change in:

  • your ability to satisfy the conditions applying to your current tariff category; 
  • your distribution tariff; or
  • the Meter installed at your Supply Address.

We may vary your electricity tariff category from the time of this change, which may result in a variation to your Charges from that time. 

Billing and payments

If you have provided us with an email address, you agree that we may send a link to your bill by email to that email address unless you request for us to send your bills to a postal address, or we determine that your email address is not valid.

By written notice, we may alter your usual Billing Period as long as the new billing period is, at most, the maximum period permitted under any Regulatory Requirements.

If we bill you for goods or services in addition to selling Energy, those items will either be billed separately or as separate items on the bill. We will apportion payments made by you in relation to your bill at our discretion, and always in accordance with the Regulatory Requirements.  

We will review your bill per our complaints and dispute resolution procedure at your request, provided you agree to pay any undisputed amount. If our review shows a bill to be correct, you must pay the amount of the bill in full or request a Meter test. If it shows a bill to be incorrect (including where we have failed to bill any amount to you), then we will refund to you any overcharged amounts or recover any amounts undercharged, per Regulatory Requirements. If you do not pay a bill in full or make other acceptable arrangements with us by the Due Date, we may do any one or more of the following:

  • charge you a late payment fee;
  • charge you daily interest on amounts not paid by the Due Date, per the Regulatory Requirements, until the overdue amount is paid in full;
  • refer your bill for collection by a debt collection agency; or
  • begin the process for Disconnection

You must tell us if you are having trouble paying your bill or need payment assistance. We will give you the payment assistance required under any Regulatory Requirements. Additional assistance may be available to you under our Customer Hardship Policy and the Regulatory Requirements if you are a customer having payment trouble due to hardship. A copy of our Customer Hardship Policy is available at or on request.

If you have more than one account with us, we may transfer debts accrued in one of your accounts to another of your accounts.

Disconnection and Reconnection of your Supply Address

The Market Contract General Terms set out the circumstances in which AGL may disconnect and reconnect your Supply Address. We will only do so if permitted under Regulatory Requirements.

Other obligations you have

You must ensure that you:

  • provide us with accurate contact details, including the postal address or email address at which you will receive your bills or notices; 
  • inform us if there is any change to the information you have previously given us, including information about safe access to your Meter and changes to any Registered Life Support Equipment at the Supply Address;
  • tell us if you enter into an agreement with any third party to receive payment or other consideration in return for you entering into a load management arrangement or reducing or suspending your consumption of Energy at the Supply Address;
  • give us, any of our contractors, the Distributor and the Meter Service Provider safe, convenient and unhindered access to the Supply Address for purposes related to the sale and Supply of Energy.

Our fair contracting promise

If we vary your rates or your Market Contract, you may end your Market Contract by giving us notice during the 20 Business Day period after you receive notice of the variation, and if you do so:

  • the relevant variation is of no effect (unless the Regulatory Requirements require it);
  • your Market Contract will end on the date we receive your notice;
  • we will waive any applicable Early Termination Fee; and
  • from the date your Market Contract ends until you or any other person enter into another Energy contract with us or any other retailer at the Supply Address, the terms of the Deemed Arrangement apply between you and us to the sale and Supply of Energy.            

Information and privacy

AGL will collect, use and disclose your personal information as per the AGL Privacy Policy (including Credit Reporting Policy) available at or on request. Unless you have opted out, AGL and its Group members may use and disclose your personal information to promote and market products and services that we think you may be interested in on an ongoing basis, including products and services offered by third parties. This may include direct marketing via SMS/MMS, email, phone and postal mail. You can opt-out of receiving direct marketing at any time by contacting AGL, filling out the AGL Do Not Contact Form or following the instructions in any marketing communication you receive from us. AGL’s Privacy Policy also includes details on the credit-related personal information AGL collects, what we do with it, where we send it, the credit reporting bodies we use and your opt-out, access, correction and complaint rights with us and credit reporting bodies.  


If you have a query or complaint, you can contact us in writing or by telephone. We will address any complaints per our complaints handling and dispute resolution procedure, which can be located at, or is available on request. We will inform you of the outcome of your complaint. If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you may refer your complaint to the Energy ombudsman in the State in which your Supply Address is located.   We may transfer or novate our rights and obligations under this Market Contract to another retailer at any time by notice to you, if:

  • that retailer is a related body corporate of AGL; or
  • that novation or assignment forms part of the transfer of all or a substantial part of our retail business to that other retailer,
  • or otherwise if you agree to that transfer or novation.

AGL Solar Feed-in Terms

AGL’s Solar Feed-in Terms and information regarding AGL’s solar feed-in tariff and eligibility are available for VIC and other states.