Information for large
business customers

Terms and Default Rates for large business customers

We do not publish our large market contract terms and conditions. Below are contracts or principles that may apply to large customers in circumstances other than when a large market contract governs the large customer's supply arrangement.

Below are the Default Rates that apply in certain circumstances, in accordance with the terms of your large market contract. For a large electricity customer without a retail contract, the Electricity Default Rates below for the state in which that customer's sites are located also constitute the 'Market Prices' described in the Statement of Charging Principles.

Please note: In addition to the Default Rate, you will be charged other applicable charges. For gas, these include GST, network charges, fixed charges, pass through charges, market charges and any other cost incurred or payable by AGL, or any related body corporate of AGL, in relation to the sale or supply of gas to you. For electricity, these include network charges, market charges, services charges, emissions and renewable energy charges and energy loss charges applicable to each premises for the quantity of electricity we sell to you at each premises.

Solar Feed-in Tariff Rates