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AGL Essentials Energy Plan

Terms and Conditions

Your Market Contract has no fixed term. Your Essentials Rates are specific to your Energy Plan and differ from the published energy rates for AGL variable rate Energy Plans. Your rates will not change for the duration of your Energy Plan Period. However, at the end of your Energy Plan Period you will be placed on a new Energy Plan which may include a different set of rates. We will write to you before this occurs.

Important Information

  1. AGL can vary the terms, fees and charges,  and tariffs applicable to your energy plan at any time by writing to you.
  2. Acceptance of this offer constitutes written consent to transfer your gas and/or electricity to AGL.
  3. Your personal information will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with AGL’s Privacy and Credit Reporting Policies, including to communicate with you about AGL’s products and services.
  4. You accept the Market Contract General Terms, which will also be sent to you in your Confirmation Pack.
  5. If during the Energy Plan Period you no longer meet the eligibility criteria, or if your bill is not paid by direct debit for any other reason, we may terminate your Market Contract with 20 Business Days’ notice and place you on AGL’s Standard Retail Contract (which includes variable rates that are different from the Essentials Rates).  We will write to you if this occurs. 


Fees, rates and charges

  1. If you are moving home you may incur a connection fee and be required to pay for any usage between the connection date and your cooling off date. 
  2. If an exit fee is shown in the Energy Plan Table (located in the Offer fees and charges section), you may be charged this fee if you terminate this Energy Plan after the cooling off period expires. 
  3. Fees such as an account establishment fee, late payment fee, dishonoured payment fee, payment processing fee, paper bill fee and over-the-counter fee and other charges relating to your Meter or Supply Address may apply under this Energy Plan. Go to the AGL Fee Schedule.
  4. If the table on your Energy Plan Details (located in the Offer Details section) displays the amount of a once-off account credit, then this account credit will appear as a separate credit (GST exclusive) on your first electricity bill. AGL may exclude accounts that have received a once-off credit in the previous 12 months from receiving additional once-off credits. 


Billing and Payment

  1. If your gas and/or electricity is currently billed by another retailer than the supply commencement date with AGL is likely to be the date of your next meter read. You can expect a final bill from your current retailer. 
  2. Unless you have selected monthly billing, you will be billed every 3 months for electricity and every 2 months for gas if you live in Victoria, or every 3 months for gas for all other states. 
  3. Depending on your Energy Plan, your payment options may include cash, cheque, credit card (Mastercard, Visa), direct debit, BPay®, POST billpay®, or any other method listed on your bill. If you use a payment method and AGL incurs a merchant services fee (including payment by credit card) you may be charged a payment processing fee.


Contact, privacy and disputes

  1. We may contact you as part of an audit to ensure that you have understood and consented to your Energy Plan. 
  2. By consenting to this offer, you agree that AGL may use your personal information to promote and market products and services to you in accordance with AGL’s Privacy Policy. You also agree that AGL may use the personal information that you have provided to assist us in supplying you with your gas and / or electricity. If you do not wish us to contact you to promote and market products, please call 131 245 or change your marketing preferences in AGL My Account. Go to AGL’s Privacy Policy for further details about how we handle your personal information and your access, correction and complaint rights. 
  3. We may exchange your personal information (including information about payment defaults and other information about your personal or commercial credit worthiness) with credit reporting bodies, other credit providers, your guarantors (if any) or other parties for purposes including assessing your application for credit, reviewing and reporting on your credit worthiness and status, monitoring your credit arrangements, collecting overdue payments and assisting potential guarantors to decide whether to act as guarantor. Go to AGL’s Credit Reporting Policy (also available on request) for further details about the credit-related personal information we collect, what we do with it, where we send it, the credit reporting bodies we use and your opt-out, access, correction and complaint rights with us and credit reporting bodies. 
  4. AGL has a Dispute Resolution policy, which outlines how to contact us if you have a concern or complaint, as well as contact details for your energy ombudsman. 
  5. If you do not understand any of this information or require further information please call AGL 24/7 on 131 245
  6. Registered Address Level 24, 200 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Tel: 131 245, Fax: 1300 660 245 Email:


Market contract terms

  1. You must review AGL's General Terms for Market Contracts. They contain important information you need to know about your Energy Plan.
  2. You are also entitled to a standing offer which is the energy plan your designated retailer is required to offer you under energy regulations.


Direct Debit Terms & Conditions

  1. Where you have one AGL account number for your gas and electricity accounts, this Direct Debit agreement is applicable to both your gas and electricity bills. 
  2. This service is not available on some passbook savings accounts. 
  3. Any changes to your direct debit arrangements, including new card or bank details or to terminate the arrangement, must be provided to AGL at least three business days prior to the next payment. 
  4. Bank transaction fees and Government taxes may apply. 
  5. Payments falling on a non-business day will be deducted from your nominated financial account on the next business day. 
  6. If your energy account has an overdue amount prior to the Direct Debit agreement commencing, this amount will be debited from your nominated financial account within three business days of the receipt of this authority. 
  7. If sufficient funds are not available in your nominated financial account at the time of processing a payment, a dishonour fee may be charged by both your financial institution and AGL to cover reasonable administrative and processing costs. 
  8. If your Energy Plan requires you to pay by direct debit, and you cancel your Direct Debit arrangement or your bill is not paid by direct debit, we may terminate your Market Contract with 20 Business Days’ notice and place you on AGL’s Standard Retail Contract (which may include different rates or benefits).  We will write to you if this occurs.  Some Energy Plans include benefits which are only available if you pay by Direct Debit.  Please check your Energy Plan before cancelling Direct Debit.
  9. Subject to clause 8, AGL may discontinue your Direct Debit arrangement if two consecutive payments are refused by your financial institution. You must then pay your energy bills using another AGL payment option.
  10. Subject to clause 8, you may terminate your Direct Debit agreement by notifying AGL or your financial institution at least three business days prior to your next payment. If you cancel your Direct Debit authority by notifying your financial institution, you must use your best endeavours to notify AGL as soon as practicable after the cancellation. 
  11. If you cancel your Direct Debit authority, we will no longer rely on this Direct Debit authority. If you are leaving AGL, a final account will be sent to you and the amount due will be debited from your nominated financial account. 
  12. AGL reserves the right to, at any time, withdraw this product or stop or change a Direct Debit agreement with 14 days prior notice. In the event that AGL ceases to trade, all payment plans will be cancelled immediately and both you and your financial institution will be notified. Contact AGL Customer Service 24/7 on 131 245 for assistance or if you have a dispute about any agreement details. 


eBilling Terms & Conditions

You will receive bills and other communications from AGL via email.

Monthly Billing Terms & Conditions

  1. If your Energy Plan requires monthly billing or you have chosen monthly billing, you may request a day of the month on which we will issue your bill. You can change the selected day of month, however, AGL may refuse to change the requested day of month if such a change would result in a bill not being issued for more than 1 month.
  2. To issue your bill on the day of the month requested, that day and the previous day must be business days. Where we are unable to issue your bill on the day of the month requested, we will issue your bill no later than two business days from the requested day of the month.
  3. If the day of the month requested does not exist in a particular month, then we will issue your bill for the period ending on the last day of that month, in accordance with clause 2.
  4. Subject to clauses 2 and 3, your first monthly bill will be issued on the requested day of the month.
  5. You will receive your bills each month via email (eBilling). You will not receive bills via post.
  6. If we are unable to base your monthly bill on an actual reading of your meter, we may base your bill on the actual data that is available to us or estimate the meter read for billing purposes. You agree that we may base this estimate upon: i. Your own read; ii. Your historical metering data; or iii. If there is no historical metering data available, the average usage of energy by a comparable customer over the corresponding period.
  7. You must continue to provide access to your meter for meter reading purposes.
  8. Unless your Energy Plan requires monthly billing, you may contact AGL to cancel your monthly billing arrangements [using AGL’s online services], by writing to us, by post or email at least 5 business days in advance.
  9. If you cancel your monthly billing arrangement, your bill cycle will change to a quarterly billing cycle for your account, except for Victorian gas accounts, which will change to a bi-monthly billing cycle. Your next bill following cancellation will be on a quarterly cycle, unless it would be issued more than three months from the date of cancellation. If this is the case then you will receive one last monthly bill before returning to a quarterly bill cycle.  If your Energy Plan requires monthly billing and you cancel your monthly billing arrangement you may no longer be eligible for that plan and you may be moved onto a different Energy Plan with different rates or benefits.  See you Energy Plan terms for details.
  10. Agreeing to a monthly billing arrangement does not affect your payment obligations relating to bill smoothing, payment plans or to any amounts owing on other AGL accounts where you do not have a monthly billing arrangement.
  11. Monthly billing may not be available for all contract types, including where supply is unmetered, measured through a stand alone bulk hot water meter or measured through a manually read interval meter.
  12. From time to time, AGL may notify you of changes to the eligibility requirements and may ask you to meet any additional requirements.