Market Contract Information

What is a Market Contract?

Market Contracts are specific gas and electricity offers from AGL. A customer’s rate/tariff and the terms and conditions of Market Contract differ from our Deemed and Standard Retail Contracts. Market Contracts set out the terms and conditions and the period of the contract.

The Power of Choice regulatory changes came into effect on 1 December 2017 (Commencement Date). The changes are intended to open up competition in metering services and give customers the opportunity to access a wider range of metering services.

In order to comply with these changes and ensure that you are able to access the full benefit of any new metering services on offer, we have made some amendments to our Market Contract General Terms, which will apply to your energy plans if you are on a market offer with us. We have also updated and clarified certain terms and definitions. The General Terms are an important contractual document and we encourage you to review the changes to ensure you understand them. We set out here an explanation of the main changes to your contract and how they will affect you after the Commencement Date. Capitalised terms have the same meaning as in your contract.


What is a Standard Retail Contract?

Standard Retail Contracts are basic energy plans with terms and conditions that are set by law.

Residential Customers

If you accept an AGL Savers™, AGL Fixed™, AGL Set and Forget™ or AGL Freedom™ Energy Plan, you will be on a Market Contract.

Small Business Customers

If you accept an AGL Business Everyday™,  AGL Business Savers™ or AGL Business Fixed™ Energy Plan, you will be on a Market Contract.

Terms and Conditions

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