What is Future Forests?

Future Forests helps customers reduce the environmental impact of their household electricity usage. To do this, we track how much electricity you use and buy carbon credits that offset your usage. 100% of your contribution goes towards certified carbon offset projects. It only costs $1 a week and if that isn't enough to buy all of the required carbon offsets, we'll chip in the rest for you.


How do I sign up to Future Forests?

AGL Future Forests is available with all of our home electricity and solar plans. To register for Future Forests, you must be an AGL electricity customer. If you're new to AGL, first sign up to your preferred home electricity plan. Once you have an electricity plan with us, you can register online for Future Forests.

Our Future Forest commitments

  • We only use Australian forestry carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions associated with your electricity usage.
  • 100% of customer contributions (less GST) will go toward purchasing carbon credits.
  • By purchasing carbon credits, we'll support reinvestment into further Australian tree planting programs.
  • We'll publish online reports of our customers' electricity consumption and resulting carbon emissions quarterly.
  • We'll publish the independently audited results of the Future Forests program annually.
  • We'll calculate the emissions of Future Forests customers using the emissions factors for consumption of purchase electricity from the grid. This is published annually for each state by the Australian Government Department of the Environment in the National Greenhouse Accounts Factors.
  • We'll regularly update our customers on the progress made in tree planting programs.
  • Customers may choose to leave Future Forests at any time without penalty.
  • We'll minimise our paper use in communications to you as part of the Future Forests program.
  • We'll notify you if any of these commitments change.

The Future Forests FY18 Annual Report

We’re serious about our commitment to a transparent carbon offset program. That's why the Future Forests Annual Report is produced and independently audited every financial year. It’s part of how we’re delivering on our promise for a sustainable energy future.


How do you calculate the number of offsets needed to cover my energy consumption?

First, we check how much electricity you've used at home. With this data, we can calculate the carbon emissions generated from your usage using official estimates from the Australian Government Department of the Environment.

We can then purchase the equivalent number of carbon credits or offsets from our suppliers, representing the removal of that amount of carbon from the atmosphere. Visit the Department of Environment and Energy to learn more about carbon calculations for your state.

How can I trust Future Forests?

Future Forests is independently audited each year with the results published as part of AGL's annual Sustainability Report as well as a standalone Future Forest Program Annual Report. 100% of customer contributions go toward purchasing carbon offset credits.

How much of my emissions are offset?

Future Forests offsets 100% of your household electricity carbon emissions. This is calculated using your household's actual electricity usage and the carbon intensity of electricity generation in your State. These figures are provided by the Australian Government Department of the Environment and is usually updated on an annual basis. Visit the Department of Environment and Energy to learn more.

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