About the trial

If every electric car driver comes home from work and starts charging at the same time, while the grid is already at peak demand, it’s just going to add to the pressure. To cope with that, we may need a bigger grid, which would be expensive - and could mean higher electricity bills for everyone. But what if we could just get smarter about when we charge our cars?

Introducing smart charging

Smart charging means we can communicate with your charger, or car, to start charging when the demand for electricity is lower - like overnight or in the middle of the day. And since most cars are plugged in for longer than they actually need to charge, we can be flexible with charging times.

Smart charging could have other benefits too - like soaking up excess solar generation.

It’s all about efficiency. Our trial will explore the best way to manage electric car charging – and we’ll share the benefits with you along the way.

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    Efficient charging

    We’ll talk to your car or charger to find the best time to charge and support the grid, without compromising how you use your car.

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    More cash in your pocket

    Get bill credits for participating in the trial.
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    Help save the planet

    Offset emissions associated with the supply of electricity to your home with AGL’s Carbon Neutral - delivering carbon neutral electricity certified by Climate Active.

How it will work

From early-2021 to mid-2023, we’ll conduct the trial with 300 customers. There are three streams to the trial, which let us schedule charging in a different way.

We may send you surveys during the trial to help us understand and improve your experience.

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    1. Charger

    We’ll provide a free charger (RRP $2,500) and standard installation to eligible customers. During the trial, we’ll talk with your charger to schedule optimal charging times.

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    2. Connected Car

    Own a Tesla? We’ll schedule charging through the car itself, thanks to the vehicle’s API.
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    3. Vehicle to grid

    This is for Nissan Leaf owners only - we’ll be giving more info soon.



Am I eligible?

You'll need to:

  • Own a battery electric vehicle (plug-in hybrids or hybrids like the Mitsubishi Outlander and Toyota Prius aren’t eligible)
  • Own your own house with off-street parking
  • Be or become an AGL electricity customer
  • Register now - we’ll get in touch with you closer to when the trial starts in early 2021 to discuss your eligibility. Limited spots available
  • Register your interest
You'll get:


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