Let's make a difference, one tree at a time.

Our idea is simple: making a difference needs to be easy, real and tangible. Up until now, getting your head around what you can do to make a difference has been hard. But really, it shouldn't be that way. Not when the signs are all pointing towards us needing to take action now.

A small way to make the world better.

At AGL, we understand that everyone is keen to help protect our environment but they're just not sure where to start.

When you sign up to AGL Future Forests for just $1 a week, we will offset carbon emissions associated with your household's electricity usage through diverse native Australian forestry. The proceeds from the offsets will go to supporting the planting of native Australian trees.

Sign up to AGL's Future Forests today, it's a small way to make the world better.


At AGL, we're trying to create a more sustainable future.

We will keep you up to date with the progress of the projects you are supporting, types of trees that are being planted, how they're growing and you can learn about all the flora and fauna living in your Future Forest.


AGL Future Forests Commitments.

  1. AGL Future Forests uses only Australian forestry carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions associated with your energy usage.
  2. 100% of customer contributions (less GST) will go into purchasing carbon credits.
  3. By purchasing carbon credits, we will support re-investment into further Australian tree planting programs.
  4. We will publish (online) reporting on our customers' energy consumption and resulting carbon emissions on a quarterly basis.
  5. We will publish annually the independently audited results of the Future Forests program.
  6. We will calculate the emissions of Future Forests customers using the state based emissions factors for consumption of purchase electricity from the grid as published annually by the Australian Government Department of the Environment in the National Green house Accounts Factors.
  7. We will regularly update our customers on the tree planting programs being invested in.
  8. Customers may choose to leave Future Forests at any time without penalty.
  9. We will minimize the usage of paper in our communications to you as part of the Future Forests program.
  10. If we change any of these commitments we will notify you.


AGL Future Forests FY17 Annual Report

Our 5,963 Future Forests customers are making a real difference. In the 2017 financial year, over 8,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide associated with household electricity usage was offset through the Future Forests program. That’s the equivalent of planting approximately 56,615 trees according to our carbon offset supplier, Carbon Neutral, who estimates that one tonne of carbon dioxide is sequestered by approximately 7 trees.

We’re serious about our commitment to a transparent carbon offset program. That's why the Future Forests Annual Report is produced and independently audited every financial year. It’s part of how we’re delivering on our promise for a sustainable energy future.

View the latest Future Forest reports

2017 Annual Report Auditor Statement


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