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Important information for Urth Energy customers

What's happened?

Urth Energy Pty Ltd has been suspended from the National Electricity Market (NEM) by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) for failing to comply with AEMO requirements.

All Urth Energy electricity customers are being transferred from the failed retailer to other businesses to ensure the continued supply of essential energy services without interruption.

Urth Energy electricity customers in South Australia have been transferred from the failed retailer to AGL

Important for you to know.

  • Your electricity supply will not be affected by Urth Energy’s failure, regardless of where you live and who your new electricity retailer is.
  • If you’re an Urth Energy electricity customer in South Australia and have been transferred to AGL, we will contact you by 9 March 2017 to explain the options for ongoing supply and to share energy plan details.

SA customers
For more information see the Australian Energy Regulator website


How do I know I have been transferred to AGL?
If you’re an Urth Energy electricity customer in South Australia and have been transferred to AGL, we will contact you in writing by 9 March 2017.

Why have I been transferred to AGL?
The Regulator has a scheme in place called Retailer of Last Resort. This is to ensure that in rare events, such as this, your electricity supply is safe and continues uninterrupted.  Urth Energy has been suspended from trading by the Regulator, so all their customers have transferred to the Retailer of Last Resort for their geographical location.  AGL is the Retailer of Last Resort for your area.

I have found out I have been transferred to AGL, do I need to call to confirm any details? 
No, if you are happy to stay on our standard offer then you don’t need to contact us.  But if you want to move onto another plan, you have to contact us and we can work out what is best for you.

I have found I have been transferred to AGL, what happens if I don’t do anything at all?
If we have your details from Urth Energy or the distributor, you will be billed based on that information on our standard offer.  If we don’t have your details, you will still be deemed to be our customer and we will send your bills to your address on our standard offer – even if we don’t have your name you will still be responsible for paying the bills for the address.

I received an “Energy Consumer” letter what does this mean?
We have sent you this because Urth Energy did not provide us with your contact details and we don’t know who you are.  Please call us on 131 245 to set up an account and discuss a plan that meets your circumstances.  You will be required to pay us for any bills we send you for the electricity and/or gas you consume.  If you do not pay us you run the risk of being disconnected.

How much will the AGL Energy Plan cost me?
You will be transferred onto our standard offer but we will write to you to share energy plan details.  If you give us a call on 131 245 we can discuss the plan that best suits you.  If you agree to a new energy plan we can back date that plan to 2 February 2017, the date you transferred to us.

I was on a payment arrangement with Urth Energy, will that transfer to AGL? No, any payment plan or direct debit arrangement with Urth Energy has stopped.  However, AGL has energy plans we can offer– please call us on 131 245 so we can work out what is best for you.

I had a concession rebate with Urth Energy. Will this continue with AGL?
We will be asking for these details from Urth Energy if we receive them, then your rebates will continue as normal. If your first bill with AGL does not include your rebate, however, please call us on 131 245 and we will arrange to have your concession applied.

What if I have paid in advance with Urth Energy?
Urth Energy will bill you for usage and supply charges up to 2 February 2017 for electricity. Credits and debits will not transfer to AGL so we will bill you from the date of your transfer starting with a zero balance. If you still have a credit balance after receiving your final bill with Urth Energy, you will need to follow this up directly with them or their administrator. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has a fact sheet titled, “Getting your money back” which is available here:

I was disputing a bill with Urth Energy. What happens now?
You should contact Urth Energy as they or their administrator should have processes for handling unresolved customer complaints. If you have contacted them and you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can contact the relevant Ombudsman.

I was in debt or credit with Urth Energy, will that transfer to AGL as well?
No, any outstanding debts or credits will need to be dealt directly with Urth Energy or their administrator.  AGL is responsible for billing from the date you transfer to us, that is 2 February.

I have life support equipment, what should I do?
If your previous retailer had your life support equipment or sensitive load information then this will be carried across to your AGL account automatically. There is no need to contact us to re-establish this arrangement. Any required life support forms will be forward to your mailing address.  If you are moving into a new property or have recently obtained life support equipment please call us on 131245 to have this added to your account.



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