Meter Locations

Single Dwelling

Your meter may be located outside or inside your home. If it’s outside, you should find it attached to one of the walls, or on the front or rear porch of your home. Not there? Typical locations inside your home include your hallway, laundry or garage. For gas meters in NSW, your meter might be under your kitchen sink.


Multi Dwelling

If you live in an apartment, duplex or other multi-dwelling building, your meters should be together in one place, either in the basement, carpark or in a cabinet on your floor. If you’re in NSW and can’t find your gas meter in any of the above locations, it might be located under your kitchen sink. Your meter should be labelled with your unit number, so make sure you’re reading the correct meter. If you’re not sure, check the meter number with the number on your AGL invoice, or the meter read entry screen on the AGL App and My Account. The meter number is usually on the front of the meter.

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Electricity Meters

Choose which image best matches your meter. We’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to read your meter.

Electricity Clock Dial

Electricity Cyclonic Dial

Electricity Digital