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Bill Smoothing

A plan that makes budgeting easier - and minimises surprises.

We created AGL Bill Smoothing to make managing your energy bill payments easier and more predictable. How? Simply by spreading the estimated total cost of your energy bills for the next year across equal monthly or fortnightly instalments. Weekly instalments may also be available for Direct Debit customers.

This way, Bill Smoothing reduces the impact of changes due to seasonal energy use.

How It Works

If you’re finding fluctuations in your bills difficult to budget for, Bill Smoothing allows you to make regular, equal payments towards your energy bills. This can make it easier to budget as you know how much to pay on a regular basis without worrying about seasonality in your usage.

How Is the Amount Calculated?

We'll use your existing consumption history to forecast your annual consumption costs and divide this by the frequency of payments you choose, be that monthly, fortnightly or weekly. If you're new to AGL and don’t have much consumption history, we’ll estimate your annual consumption based on similar customers.

Example: Jane spends $1,200 a year on her electricity, and has elected to pay her bills using Bill Smoothing. AGL calculated her payments to be $100 x 12 monthly payments = $1,200. This way, Jane ends up paying her bills over the course of 12 equal payments.

Bill Smoothing

What Happens If My Usage Changes?

You will continue to receive account statements on your usual billing cycle. These will contain helpful information about your energy consumption, so you can still monitor your energy usage throughout the year.

If your usage changes compared to the previous year, we may need to adjust your payments to ensure you are paying enough to cover your bills, or don’t pay too much.

We’ll review your Bill Smoothing payment amounts every 6 months to ensure you’re staying on track. We may also contact you at any other time to review your Bill Smoothing payment amounts if we notice that you are not on track.

If you need to discuss your payments at any time, feel free to call us 24/7 on 131 245.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can set up Bill Smoothing by calling us on 131 245 or logging into AGL Energy Online.

If you would prefer to make occasional payments without needing your bill on hand, try the AGL Payment Card instead.

AGL requires you to settle overdue amounts prior to commencing a Bill Smoothing plan.

Cancelling Your Bill Smoothing Plan

  • If you no longer wish to pay via Bill Smoothing then you'll need to contact AGL and let us know. If you have set up direct debit payments with us, we ask that you provide us with a minimum of 3 business days notice prior to the due date of your next payment.
  • If you move house your Bill Smoothing plan will be automatically cancelled. You are welcome to set up Bill Smoothing at your new house.
  • If you switch providers, your Bill Smoothing plan will be automatically cancelled and any outstanding amounts owing on your account must be paid in full.
  • In some cases, we may need to cancel your plan if you default on a Bill Smoothing payment.
  • If we cancel your Bill Smoothing payment plan, any outstanding amounts owing on your account must be paid in full.

Bill Smoothing is currently only available to residential and small business customers.



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