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Connecting customers to our Virtual Power Plant

Growing a connected network of solar batteries to create a cleaner energy future.


Onboard a customer to the AGL Virtual Power Plant.

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A Virtual Power Plant, or VPP for short, is a network of connected solar batteries that can be managed as one.

The idea is that individual solar batteries can be coordinated, and in doing so become a pop-up power plant. So, small amounts of energy stored in individual solar batteries can become a large amount of controllable energy. This can help stabilise the electricity grid and contribute to making energy more affordable in the future.

Solar batteries are connected via the internet and leverage inbuilt software that allows AGL to talk to them in real-time. There are no wires or physical connections.

When joining our VPP customers are agreeing to a five-year term.

Please note a pro-rated early termination fee (based on the initial rebate paid to the customer) will apply if the customer leaves the VPP before the end of this term.

AGL will ensure a minimum energy level for backup is always preserved, so customers will always have energy to power their home. This varies depending on the customers hardware and settings. For Tesla Powerwall 2, this level is 20% of useable energy storage capacity. For LG Chem and Sungrow, this is in line with the level of backup set in the inverter during installation or amended by agreement. 

Customers that want to sign up to our VPP must:

  • Have an electricity plan with AGL or be ready to make the switch
  • Be living in NSW, QLD, SA or VIC
  • Purchase a compatible solar battery (and inverter)
  • Have or are purchasing a compatible operating solar system, and a reliable and ongoing internet connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Not already be part of the AGL VPP or any other Virtual Power Plant at the property
  • Have a smart meter installed at the property or agree to have one installed
  • Be on a fixed export limit of at least 5kW at the property; and
  • Accept the VPP offer and comply with our VPP terms and conditions.

Customers can view the VPP T&Cs on the AGL website.

All customer enquiries relating to the AGL VPP offer should be directed to with 'SolDis' in the subject line. Alternatively, customers can speak to a solar battery expert on 03 9649 4734. Our call centre operates between 9am -5pm, Monday - Friday.

Your partner agreement outlines the steps required to be undertaken by you before, during and after installation in order to connect the customer to the VPP.  In addition to installing the battery, you may be required to install a dual channel meter if the battery is being installed in an AC-coupled configuration.   

Customers will also need to satisfy the eligibility criteria to connect to the VPP.

Customers are free to switch electricity plans at any time as there are no lock-in contracts. However, they must remain on an AGL electricity plan in order to remain connected to our Virtual Power Plant. If the customer changes to a different retailer or otherwise chooses to leave the VPP within the five year term, they will have to pay back the $1,000 or $1,500 rebate received in proportion to how much of the 5 year term has transpired (pro-rata). 

There are a range of batteries that are eligible to be connected to the VPP, including Tesla Powerwall 2, Sungrow High Voltage Battery, SolarEdge Energy Bank Battery or LG Home Battery with a compatible SolarEdge inverter. Please refer to the terms and conditions for a list of eligible battery models and compatible inverters.