So you want to request a gas meter installation with AGL.

Below, you’ll find tips on the process and any forms you’ll need to make your request. Just click on each step below to learn more.

Gas Installations

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Installing a new gas meter in New South Wales

Step 1: Submitting your application

Types of installations

  • A service line and gas meter installation is where there is no existing gas line connected to the site, and both the service line and meter are required.

  • A meter only installation is where there is an existing service line installed, and only the physical meter installation is required. If you are unsure of the gas line installation, please call AGL.

What to submit

For an Installation request you’ll need: 

Step 2: Validating your application
  • AGL is responsible for validation.

  • Your application will be processed in 3-5 business days.

Contacting you

We’ll let you know via our online portal if information you provide needs revising, and you can respond with the required information.

Alternatively, we may contact you or your gas plumber for this information. Your application is ‘on hold’ until the additional information is received. We’ll also contact you if your request attracts any non-standard charges.

Issuing a service order

For both a service line and meter installation, we will notify you once the quote has been made on the request. After confirming the job with you as standard or non standard, and if any additional fees are involved, we will accept the quote, and your gas plumber’s details will be required.

For a meter only installation, once you provide the gas plumber’s details, we will notify them to contact the Distributor to arrange delivery of the meter.

Step 3: Site visit and installation
  • Your Distributor is responsible for service line and meter installations. 

  • Your gas plumber is responsible for meter only installations.


For service line and meter installations, a standard quote will be provided in 5 business days, and a non-standard quote provided in 10 business days. After you accept the quote, the Distributor will determine the timeframe for the installation.

For meter only installations, once you have accepted the quote, the gas plumber will advise on timeframes for installation.

Site requirements

You are responsible for ensuring satisfactory site conditions.

To complete the installation, your Distributor will require:

  • A clean site free from rubbish

  • Clear access to the meter box

  • Unlocked gates

If the site is in a satisfactory condition, the Distributor will complete the installation. If the site is not in a satisfactory condition, the Distributor will attempt to speak to the site contact or alert us to advise of any issues. If we are contacted, we will then notify you.


Step 4: Completion of the request
  • The Distributor will inform AGL when the installation is complete

  • AGL will invoice you for any fees charged by the Distributor

Fees and charges

Your acceptance of any standard fees is required as part of your application. If your Distributor classifies your fee as non-standard, we will contract you to obtain your approval before proceeding.