We're refunding late payment fees charged to Queensland customers who had an electricity Standard Retail Contract (also known as “Default Market Offer” (DMO) or “standing offer”) with AGL.

What happened?

You might have received an email, letter or SMS from us, or seen our media release, letting you know about some fees that were charged incorrectly.

If you had an AGL electricity Standard Retail Contract between early January 2015 and 5 August 2020, we may have charged you a late payment fee when we shouldn’t have. 

This charge was an unintended result of a system upgrade. We’re sorry for our error and any inconvenience it’s caused.

Getting your refund

If you still have an active energy account with AGL, the credits will be applied, or may have already been applied to your next bill. Look out for the late payment fee refund credit.

If you no longer have an active account with AGL and we’ve been in touch with you directly, don’t worry. We can process a refund to your nominated bank account or send you a cheque – we just need you to give us your details. 

Not sure if you’ve been impacted? Get in touch with us and we’ll sort it out.

What should you do now?

A team of dedicated agents are here 24/7 to process your refund or answer any questions you might have. First, we’ll just have to ask you some questions to verify we’ve got the right person.


If you’re no longer an AGL customer, we’ll hold your refund amount for two years. If you don’t claim it, the money will need to go through the unclaimed money process with the Queensland Public Trustee. You’ll be able to claim it that way too, but it will take a while, so it’s best to get in touch with us as soon as you can.