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Accelerating the change to electric vehicles with our special electric vehicle subscription, home charging offers and dedicated energy plan.

Already have an electric vehicle?

Enjoy great value energy and home charging options tailored to electric vehicle owners.

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AGL EV energy plan

Save while you sleep with our Night Saver EV Plan. Charge your EV at a low rate between 12 and 6 am with our AGL Night Saver EV Plan.

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Charge your EV at home

A home charger is the most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle at home. Just plug in, charge and go. Browse our selection.

Make your next car an EV

Choose from a range of electric vehicles and select the term that works for you with our electric vehicle subscription. Inclusive of insurance, registration, 24/7 roadside assistance and more.

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Why switch to an EV?

Embrace electric

Driving an EV, you eliminate the greenhouse gas and tailpipe emissions from internal combustion engines. Offset your home charging through our certified Carbon Neutral options.

Save on running costs

EVs are cheaper to run when it comes to day-to-day costs. You’ll save on fuel, and with fewer moving parts the routine maintenance is typically easier.

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The drive

Simply stated, electric cars are fun to drive. They’re quiet and smooth, with quick acceleration. Join the change!

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Get charged up about electric vehicles with these great resources. 

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