AGL Energy Insights

Get greater visibility of your home’s electricity usage with AGL Energy Insights - sent to you a few days after your bill.

Find out where your electricity is going

Using your smart meter data and clever algorithms, our Energy Insights tool breaks down your electricity usage to estimate how much your home uses on heating, cooling, lighting, laundry, standby and more. You'll need to be an AGL electricity customer registered for e-billing to be eligible.

To make your Energy Insights reports even better, you can complete a home profile in My Account and find out where you could start making savings.

Can I get Energy Insights for my home?

If you’re with AGL for your home’s electricity, have a smart meter and don’t have solar, you will automatically have access to Energy Insights in My Account.

You just need:

  1. A smart meter installed
  2. To be registered for eBilling which you can do via My Account.

Unfortunately, Energy Insights isn’t available for gas and solar customers. To opt out of Energy insights, update notifications in settings in My Account.

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How do you estimate my home’s electricity usage by appliance category?

We generate an estimated break down of electricity usage by appliance category using:

  1. Data from your smart meter
  2. Details shared in your Home Profile (if you complete one)
  3. Local weather information and other data sources

These break downs are estimates. They won’t be 100% accurate and may differ from your actual usage and costs by appliance category. Completing the Home Profile in My Account could help us make your report more relevant. See our FAQs for details of how we estimate your breakdown and our Terms of Use for important information.

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What should I expect and when?

You'll receive your insights a few days after each electricity bill has been issued as long as AGL Energy Insights is available to you and you’re registered for eBilling. It should a little bit like the sample report below. You'll also receive personalised tips to help you reduce energy waste and save money.

You can also sign up for a mid-bill AGL Energy Insights via My Account.

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What does the report look like?

Here’s what a sample report looks like:

Sample energy insights report