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We're here to help you get your mobile service up and running.

Connect to AGL mobile for the first time

Connecting to AGL mobile is easy, after receiving your SIM card, activate your service using the instructions that came with it or follow the instructions below. Activation of your new service can take as little as 1 hour, but up to 2 business days.

SIM card arrival

Our SIM cards are sent out within 2 business days in standard mail. It can take up to 5-10 business days for it to arrive depending on your location.

Your AGL SIM card will be a multi-fit SIM card. Depending on your phone, you'll need to carefully snap out the SIM card to either a standard, micro or nano SIM. To find out which size SIM card your phone needs, refer to the instruction manual or contact the manufacturer.

We don't currently support eSIM.

How do I activate my SIM card?

To activate your SIM card online, we'll need your full name, telecommunications account number, email address and the AGL SIM card number located on the back of your SIM. If you're activating a replacement SIM you can follow the same steps:

  1. Head over to Activate SIM
  2. Complete the form, double-checking your details are correct
  3. Select Submit

If you're transferring your number, keep your old SIM card in your phone until it stops working - that's when you'll know your new SIM is ready.

Usually the activation will be completed in around an hour however, it can take up to 2 business days - so we recommend you hang on to your old SIM in the meantime.

If you're having issues activating online, get in touch with us between 8 am-8 pm, (AEST).

To prevent fraudulent transfers, we're required to check that the transfer is authorised by sending you an SMS with a 6-digit code to your mobile number. This code will need to be provided along with your account number (or date of birth for pre-paid services) to complete the transfer.

If you didn't request the transfer or suspect fraud, contact the Australia Federal Police or your state police, or report the activity to Scamwatch or IDCARE.

Issues with activation or transfer

If your mobile number transfer has failed, it's most likely because one or more of the details you've entered doesn't match.

For pre-paid services moving to AGL, your date of birth entered during the activation process needs to match the date of birth held by your previous provider. For post-paid services moving to AGL, the account number entered when activating needs to match the account number of your previous provider.

Please ensure that the number you want to transfer is still connected with your current provider at the time of transfer.

If you're still encountering issues after correcting any detail discrepancies, get in touch with us.

Voicemail basics

Voicemail is an automatic answering service that allows callers to leave a message if you're on another call, don't answer, or the phone is switched off. 

Here's how you can set up voicemail from your device:

  1. Call 321 and follow the prompts
  2. Enter your name and PIN
  3. Dial **004*321# to activate.

To retrieve your voicemail from your smart phone, call 321 and follow the prompts.

To retrieve your voicemail from another phone, call 133 321, enter your details including your PIN, then follow the prompts.

By default, your mobile will divert to voicemail after about 10 seconds of ringing. If this is too short or too long, you change the ring time from 5-30 seconds, in intervals of 5 seconds.

To change the ring time, open your phone app, dial **61*321*XX# in your keypad, then tap call. XX is replaced with the number of seconds you'd like the ring time. 

To deactivate your voicemail, open your phone app, dial ##002#, then tap call.

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