AGL Energy Insights

Save money by seeing what is using up the most electricity in your home.

Find out where your energy is going

Energy Insights uses information you provide, data from your smart meter, weather metrics and other data sources to estimate where electricity is being used across your home.

This breakdown is then delivered to you a few days after you receive your bill so you can improve your home's energy efficiency.

How it works

To receive Energy Insights*:

  1. Ensure you have a smart meter installed
  2. Register for eBilling via My Account (you can also sign up for mid-bill Energy Insights)
  3. Complete your Home Profile in My Account to improve the report's accuracy.

Our breakdowns are estimates only and may differ from your actual usage and costs by appliance category. Completing your Home Profile will give your the most accurate results.

Interested in how we estimate your breakdown? Check out Energy Insights FAQs and Terms and Conditions

*Energy Insights isn't available for gas and solar customers.

About the Energy Insights report

You'll receive your Energy Insights report a few days after your bill, with an estimate of your energy use across different appliances in your home as well as helpful tips for saving energy.

Your report will look similar to this:

Example of an Energy Insights report

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