Solar problems and maintenance

Learn how to maintain your solar and battery system and repair it in case of a fault.

Prevent faults in your solar

Maintaining your solar ensures that it's operating correctly, optimises its performance and keeps the system safe.

Hot spots and microcracks are the most common faults that can occur in your solar, and you can reduce the chances of both by regularly cleaning your solar panels from dirt and grime. Hot spots occur when dirt accrues on a panel, placing extra load on cleaner areas of the panel. This can lead to microcracks in the panel, compromising the system.

Beyond regular cleaning, your monitoring system can be a good way to check the health of your solar and ensuring that its output is what you expect.

Apart from cleaning panels yourself, make sure you leave any regular system health checks and technical maintenance work of your solar to a qualified tradesperson.

Repair a solar panel system

While maintenance reduces the risk of faults in your home solar, they can still occur from things like moisture damage, electrical issues, or even damage from weather that require repairs.

To repair your solar when it was not installed by AGL, contact the original installer to check if you can have it repaired under warranty. If you cannot contact the installer, you should be able to find contact details of your system's manufacturer on your warranty documentation.

For solar panel systems installed by AGL, you can organise repairs by getting in touch with us.

Fix a faulty inverter

To fix a faulty inverter, contact your original installer or inverter manufacturer. Never try to fix an electrical issue yourself.

All systems installed by AGL come with an AGL workmanship warranty (typically five years) as well as a manufacturer warranty. You may also have rights under the Australian Consumer Law. If your system was installed by AGL, we will help you troubleshoot the fault when you get in touch with us.

Solar inspection schedules

When having your solar installed, ask your accredited installer what state regulations apply to you when it comes to inspections and maintenance. They should also provide you with a schedule of regular maintenance. If you don't know when your last inspection was, we recommend organising a health check of your system with a Clean Energy Council-accredited solar panel system installer.

Under the Renewable Energy Target, the Clean Energy Regulator conducts random inspections on small-scale generation units which have had small-scale technology certificates created against them. The system owner is not charged for these random inspections.

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