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AGL Messaging

Get the most out of AGL Messaging

AGL Messaging is a convenient way for you to contact us when you need help with things like billing, moving house, or managing your account.

How AGL Messaging works

AGL Messaging is designed for AGL customers only. All you need is a device that can browse the internet.

1. Log in to your account

Log in online or via the AGL app to access AGL Messaging. It also means our team can look in to your account and help you faster.

The AGL App with "Sign in" button highighted

2. Select the message icon

Find the message icon in the top right corner of the AGL app, or the bottom right if you’ve logged in to My Account on desktop.

The AGL App with "messaging" button highighted

3. Tell us how we can help

A message window will open where our Virtual Assistant will ask a few questions to help answer your query or point you in the right direction. If you get stuck, just tell the Virtual Assistant you want to talk to a human.

Messaging the Virtual Assistant in the AGL App

4. Sit back. We’ll notify you

Feel free to close the message window and get on with your day. We'll send you a notification when we've replied. Just make sure you have notifications switched on.

Image of a notification fromt he AGL app

What makes AGL Messaging so good?  

AGL Messaging is like chat but even better, because it’s specifically designed for new and existing AGL customers only.

Clock Icon

Always open

Contact us whenever it’s convenient for you. Our Virtual Assistant will greet you and either help find the info you’re looking for, guide you to self-serve or connect you to a team member.

Message notification icon

Every message stored

Unlike chat where you don’t have to log in, AGL Messaging stores your history for 12 months. This is handy if you lose connection during a conversation and need to pick up where you left off.

Coffee Icon

No more waiting on hold

Leave your query with us and get on with your day – we’ll notify you as soon as a team member responds, which is usually within 60 minutes.

Security and privacy

Once you've logged in to AGL Messaging, there’s no need to verify your details again. Our team knows who you are from the moment you log in and can review your account from there.

Try messaging us in the AGL app

Download the app and sign in using your online account details.
If you haven't already, it's easy to register for an online account

More ways we can help

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