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How do online scams, like phishing or hoax activities, operate?

There are scam emails and phone calls currently circulating that pretend to be from reputable energy companies, which claim you owe money for an outstanding gas or electricity bill and ask you to:

  • make a payment over the phone, or
  • click on a link to view your account or to make a payment.

These communications may also threaten disconnection activity within 24 hours of contact. 

They often involve you being illegally contacted by an individual or company who pretend to be from AGL and who try to gain your personal information by falsely saying things like:

  • Your AGL energy bill is overdue and you need to share your credit card or bank account details to avoid being disconnected; or
  • You've been overcharged and we need your credit card in order to refund you.

These are just two examples, but if you receive a phone call or email that's similarly unusual or suspicious that asks for your financial information, please do two things:

  • Ignore it; and
  • Download the AGL App or go to My Account to check on your account balance, or
  • Call us directly on 131 245 to check whether we have been trying to contact you.

If you've provided your details on a website, by email or over the phone, and you believe you may have been a victim of fraud, please contact your financial institution immediately.

Remember, AGL will never

  • send you emails asking for personal banking or financial details, or
  • threaten disconnection within 24 hours of contact.

How the scams work:

  • You receive an email from a reputable energy company claiming that you owe them money.
  • The email may appear to come from a department like the 'Accounts Receivable Team' or 'Accounts Payable'.
  • The email may contain the subject title 'Your AGL Bills Update ✔'.
  • The email may or may not be from your current energy provider.
  • The email may claim that you have exceeded your energy usage limit and need to pay or even that you are eligible to use a discounted energy tariff if you click on the link.
  • The email may direct you to click on a link to view your account, pay your bill or download an attachment.
  • If you click on the link, your computer may be infected with malicious software and your identity compromised.
  • If you 'pay' the amount, you will lose your money and may have your credit card details stolen.

How to protect yourself:

  • If you receive a suspicious email for outstanding energy usage - delete it immediately.
  • If you're not sure if this is a scam, contact your energy provider with the contact details from their website and not from the email.
  • Look out for tell tale signs of a scam email, including spelling mistakes and poor grammar.
  • Never click on the links from suspicious emails and delete them immediately.

For more information visit the Scam Watch website.

How can I read my digital meter?

All meters have a display or information button (clear or grey in colour) which lets you scroll through its different registers. What you'll see will all depend on the type of meter you have.

The following information relates to Active Steam Meters, you'll see it labelled with an Active Stream logo, affixed on the terminal cover. 

If you live in New South Wales, Queensland or South Australia, you'll have one of the meters pictured below installed. Have a look to see which one is yours.

Meter type: 'Mk10D' – Three phase, one element:


The table below shows meters register, LCD Label and Description. 

F03D01Standard Current Date and Time
1E0003Excess energy consumed by customer
IE1013Excess energy exported by customer

Meter type 'MK7C' – One phase, one element:


01Standard Current Date and Time
03Excess energy consumed by customer
13Excess energy exported by customer

Meter type 'MK7A2' – One phase, two element:


LCDDescription As Per Configuration
01*Standard Current Date and Time
03*Excess energy consumed by customer
13*Excess energy exported by solar system
07*Total energy consumed by customer's hot water
43This register should record zero
53Total Excess energy consumed by customer
63Total Excess energy exported by solar system

*Some of the older meters will only have 4 LCD displays (01, 03, 07 and 13)

PFIT Solar Configuration

LCDDescription As Per Configuration
01Standard Current Date and Time
03Excess energy consumed by customer's load
13This register should record zero for PFIT meters
07Total energy consumed by solar system
43Total energy produced by customer solar system
53Total Excess energy consumed by customer
63Total Excess energy exported by solar system

* Lasdt updated 13th Feb 2018.

How are monthly bills determined?

If you have a smart electricity meter that's remotely-read every day, we can use real usage data to work out your monthly bill.

However, if your meter is read every two to three months and we don't have actual data to use each month, we use a process to estimate your energy usage that looks at your past energy usage and takes into account seasonal factors. Then, when an actual meter reading comes through, we adjust your account if we need to.

If you're new to AGL and historical metering data is not available, estimates are based on the average energy usage of similar customers over the same period.

Customers who are on My AGL Monthly Bill and have a basic meter can give us their own meter read by entering it into
My Account. Check out this Community post that explains this in further detail.

Why do I get estimated bills?

Sometimes we might need to estimate your energy usage, rather than organise a read of your meter. There's a few reasons why this might be necessary.

For example, the distributors who read your meter might have trouble accessing it. This usually happens if your meter's been installed indoors, is behind a locked gate, or is guarded by a pet pooch.

If you receive monthly bills, we'll need to estimate your usage as your distributor usually only provides us with an actual read every two or three months. If you've got a smart meter installed, it'll upload your meter data at 30 minute intervals.

Once we get an actual meter read from your distributor, or once you submit a read yourself via My Account or the App, we'll check and correct your account based on if we've charged you too much or too little. If we have charged you the wrong amount, we'll either include an adjustment on your next bill or resend you an adjusted energy bill. You can tell if your bill is based on an estimate or an actual read by looking at the 'Reading Type' or 'Current Reading' section on the back of your bill.

Avoiding estimated bills is easy. Just submit your reads online via My Account or the App and we'll bill you based on those reads. If you'd like to request an actual meter read (a fee may apply), please chat with us anytime.

What should I do if there is a gas leak?

If the smell of gas is coming from an appliance on your property, or from pipework near the gas meter, turn the natural gas meter handle to the off position first before you immediately phone your local plumber or gas fitter or, if you rent, your real estate agent.

If you pinpoint the smell is coming from the meter, or if it's making a hissing sound, phone the appropriate number listed on the Emergencies and Power Outages page at agl.com.au anytime, day or night.

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