How it works

Whether you’re an existing customer or want to switch to AGL, if you’re about to move house, make sure you take advantage of our quick and easy online tool.

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    Moving details

    Provide your new address and connection date and we'll connect you on our standard retail contract.

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    Track move

    Check your connection status using our online tracker.

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    Choose plan

    You have 10 days to change your plan and it will be backdated to the connection date.

Sign up online in just 5 minutes and we guarantee the power will be on the day you move.^

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    Power on guarantee

    Give us one business day to get your new place all powered up, ready for when you move in.^

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    No lock-in contracts

    With AGL you can enjoy great discounts without early exit fees or lock-in contracts.

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    SMS Updates

    We'll keep you informed about your move connection details with SMS updates.

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    24/7 Support

    If you need any assistance.

^If the power is not on after the agreed day, we'll cover your related expenses up to $250/day until your power is on. For electricity you'll need to provide one business days' notice and ensure clear, safe access to the meter.

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Top 5 Moving FAQs

I want to disconnect my energy supply. Why do I need a visual inspection of my meter?

Visual inspections are only required if you live in Queensland. The distributor (who looks after the poles, wires and gas pipes in your area) requires a visual inspection of your meter to ensure that your meter is safe.

I'm moving house. How do I connect my energy?

Connecting your energy to your new home is easy. Whether you're an existing customer or want to switch to us, we can help take the stress out of moving.

Our Power-on Guarantee and online move tracker means that you'll have peace of mind, the day you move in.

Learn more about moving home.

When do exit fees apply?

Exit fees apply if you are in a fixed term contract with AGL and you cancel this contract whilst still in the contract length. If you take AGL with you to your new address, this exit fee may be waived.

I’ve just transferred to AGL. Why is there nothing to see in My Account?

After you sign up to AGL for gas or electricity, it can take as long as three months for your service to transfer across to us. During that time, we won't have any usage information to show you in My Account.

We'll contact you once your transfer is complete, so you can log in and see it all for the first time.

Do I need to be at my property when my electricity supply is connected?

Only if you live in Queensland.

However, no matter which state you live in, please remember to switch off your electricity supply at the meter using the main switch before we can make the connection. This may happen as early as 7am on your requested date. 

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