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Be rewarded when you sign up to the AGL Virtual Power Plant

Share your solar battery power and receive a total of $400 in initial sign-up energy bill credits.*

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Join Australia’s award-winning Virtual Power Plant

At AGL, we’re helping customers get more value from their solar batteries and giving them new ways to participate in our transition to renewable energy. If you are an eligible customer purchasing a compatible solar battery through an installer partner, or with financing from Plenti, connect to our Virtual Power Plant, sign up for an AGL electricity plan and receive $400 in initial sign-up energy bill credits ($100 applied to the first energy bill post sign up and $300 once the battery is connected to the AGL VPP) plus ongoing quarterly bill credits of $45 (NSW, VIC, QLD) or $70 (SA). Once you’re connected, we may use power from your solar battery to support the grid at peak times. But you’ll always have enough to power your home. 

What's a Virtual Power Plant

A Virtual Power Plant, or VPP for short, is a network of connected solar batteries that can be coordinated like a pop-up power plant. 

The stored energy in VPPs can help to stabilise the electricity grid and may over time help to reduce the grid's reliance on coal power.

Track your power 24/7

Check the performance of your solar and battery system and keep an eye on your VPP activity via the AGL app or My Account.

How our Virtual Power Plant works

Whether you are getting finance for your solar through our partner Plenti, or using a participating third party installer – we’d love to have you. 

When you sign up to our VPP we’ll add it right onto your AGL electricity plan, or help you make the switch if you're not with us already. Connection is wireless, so there's no installation.

We'll manage your solar battery remotely based on the best way we think we can help take pressure off the grid. You can rest easy knowing you'll always have enough energy for your home, and you'll be helping to support the energy needs of your community when you can.

Sometimes we'll discharge energy from your solar battery to power your home. Any leftover energy will be fed into the grid. You'll earn the solar feed-in tariff on your next bill.

Other times, we'll charge it from either your solar system or the grid. If it's charged from the grid, you'll pay your normal grid rate. There might also be times when we hold your solar battery’s charge steady.

We'll occasionally manage your solar battery. This could mean small increases to your bill - but never more than $50 (GST incl.) every 12 months.

Being part of the VPP, you'll help to create a more reliable grid and transition to a more renewable future. But the rewards don't stop there. If you have a solar battery or solar battery bundle installed via a third-party installer, we’ll give you $400 in initial sign-up energy bill credits plus ongoing quarterly bill credits of $45 (NSW, VIC, QLD) or $70 (SA).*​

*This offer is only available to eligible customers who sign up through Plenti’s finance portal and have a compatible solar battery installed. Offer may be subject to change or expiry without notice. Eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply. Plenti receives a commission for each approved finance application and installers receive a commission for each VPP referral.

Am I eligible? We'd love you to join our VPP. You're eligible if you:

  • have a reliable and ongoing internet connection via Ethernet or Wifi
  • have or are buying an operating solar system as part of a solar battery bundle
  • have or are buying a compatible Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge Energy Bank or LG Home Battery with a compatible SolarEdge inverter
  • have a smart meter1 installed at your premise or agree to have one installed
  • aren't already part of a Virtual Power Plant, or are able to change.

Ready to join?

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Find out more

Speak to your solar battery installer to complete your application.

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Sign up to our Virtual Power Plant

Once your finance is approved, or you have signed a contract with your solar installer for your solar battery or solar system, you will need to connect to the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and sign up to an AGL electricity account if you don’t already have one.

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Solar battery installation and VPP testing

Once your new solar battery is installed, we’ll do an initial check to make sure it can connect to the VPP and the other eligibility criteria are met. This process can take up to 6 weeks from installation.

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Your VPP service is ready to start

When VPP testing is complete, your service begins. We’ll email you a confirmation, including the Terms and Conditions, for your records.

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Receive $400 in initial sign-up energy bill credits.

Customers receive a total of $400 in initial sign-up energy bill credits ($100 applied to the first energy bill post sign up and $300 once the battery is connected to the AGL VPP). ​

Questions? We have answers.

There are no lock-in contracts, so you're free to switch plans anytime. Though you'll need to stay on an AGL electricity plan in order to connect to our VPP.

You can leave our VPP whenever suits you, though we'll be sad to see you go.

If you bring your own battery to our VPP there are no exit fees should you choose to leave.

The solar battery and inverters that are sold as part of our VPP come with a manufacturer’s express warranty that participating in our VPP won’t void. Each manufacturer warranty deals with VPP participation differently, so we encourage you to read the warranty for your solar battery for guidance. Contact our solar battery experts on 1300 447 465 if you have any questions.

Overall, we would expect your solar battery to reduce your electricity bills over time. Our solar battery experts can help calculate your savings.

There is no fee to be part of the VPP. 

1 Smart Meter means a remotely read, digital interval billing meter that measures electricity consumption in a home.