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Virtual Power Plants

AGL is growing one of Australia's largest Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). In a VPP, local business energy resources – including batteries, back-up generators, solar, flexible electrical loads and EV charging – can be harnessed to help support the grid.

Solar panel farm in lush green area under the sun set A Virtual Power Plant is a network of connected solar and energy storage systems including batteries

Support the grid

Spare power capacity?

Turn spare power capacity into financial rewards for supporting the grid and potentially pay off energy system investments sooner.

Coordinate local energy resources

Provide energy to the grid with a network of solar systems, batteries and flexible energy-consuming equipment. VPPs use orchestration software to coordinate centrally, connecting local energy resources to support the grid in real time.

Shift your energy use and save

With our Demand Response programs, your business can contribute to the VPP and receive financial payments by curtailing energy use or shifting to back up generation during periods of peak demand.

A persons’ hand holding a mobile phone showing data usage stats on a graph AGL’s demand response programs allow your business to contribute to the VVP

Meet sustainability targets

VPPs can help reach your sustainability targets, add renewable energy to the grid and contribute to energy infrastructure stability.