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Optimise solar and energy storage

Maximise your solar and energy storage systems by connecting to our Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). 

Solar panel farm in lush green area by the coast Optimise your solar and energy storage with AGL

Supporting net zero

The Australian government has made a commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. This is a great initiative and at AGL, we are 100% onboard. With our VPPs, you can optimise your renewable energy systems and help your business play its part in meeting this target.

Two coworkers in high vis working on laptop in a wind turbine farm while the sun sets AGL are 100% onboard with achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050

Virtual Power Plants

The VPP is an alternative to conventional power plants and includes solar, energy storage systems like batteries and flexible energy-consuming equipment. We’re building one of Australia’s largest VPPs. Support the grid by connecting your compatible AGL solar or battery system to our VPP.

Solar panel farm in lush green area under the sun set A Virtual Power Plant is a network of connected solar and energy storage systems including batteries

Find a solution for your business

Explore end-to-end energy solutions to optimise energy demand and achieve your sustainability goals.