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Zoos SA in the LED spotlight

LED lighting to help achieve Zoos SA’s sustainability goals.

A panda bear at SA zoo standing on rocks and covered in bubbles with a black tub full of water and bubble bath in the foreground

Zoos SA required lighting upgrades to help meet their business goals for sustainability, ethical operations and affordability.

A unique lighting challenge
AGL were approached by Zoos SA to design lighting upgrades across their Adelaide and Monarto sites, which span more than 1,500 hectares. It’s a formidable energy challenge to house, light, cool and warm all the individual animal enclosures and environments. Zoos SA uses approximately 1.8 million kWh of energy per year. And around 80% of that energy use is for Adelaide Zoo.

Upgrading to LEDs

Our experienced team replaced existing lights such as halogens, fluorescents and floodlights with LED lighting from 9w to 100w across buildings and exhibits. We also replaced the original 25w fence lighting with 164 new custom GL 7w lights.


Financial savings¹

82,000 kWh

Annual power generation across two sites

We helped Zoos SA come up with a financially attainable plan. They will achieve an estimated cost saving of $271,093 over a 10-year period.

Retrofitting LEDs for business

With a unique LED lighting solution, we helped Zoos SA to:

  • reduce electricity consumption with energy efficient LED lighting
  • choose LED lighting with a certified Carbon Neutral option by Climate Active.

    Choosing AGL’s innovative LED lighting solution helped Zoos SA to reduce electricity consumption, improve operating costs and accelerate the business transition to a sustainable energy future.

Energy efficient solutions

Whatever your energy goals, we'll help find the right solution for your business.

Other industry projects

1This is an estimate of the difference in energy costs payable by the customer over the relevant period, before and after installation of LED lighting.  This estimate is based on various assumptions at the time of AGL’s proposal, including in relation to the customer’s annual energy consumption at the premises, hours of operation of lighting and the customer’s retail tariff structure