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Industry projectsOur solar and energy efficiency solutions help Australian businesses save money and achieve their sustainability targets. Find out more about how we helped businesses solve their energy challenges.

Helping businesses with their energy projects

Whether you’re going solar, upgrading to LEDs or installing power factor correction equipment, our team of commercial solar and energy efficiency solution experts can work with your budget and help achieve your goals.

Man in high vis and safety helmet smiling with arms folded AGL’s team of experts can work with your budget and help achieve your goals


Get more control of your energy consumption and increase efficiency to reduce costs and improve energy productivity. Explore how we provide energy choices to deliver on your business sustainability goals.


Grow the sustainability profile of your retail business with our energy efficiency solutions. We can deliver robust energy plans to achieve cost savings and meet emissions reduction targets. 

Agriculture, forestry & fishing

Cut the cost of your energy bills for your farm, site or premises and spend on what matters most. Explore how we provide cost-saving renewable energy solutions for agribusinesses and beyond.   

Sport & tourism

Get creative with energy solutions that help meet your operational and environmental targets. Read how our energy efficiency solutions are powering community spaces and achieving sustainability goals.  

Not for Profit

Lower your energy costs with energy efficiency solutions. Find out how we partner with non-profit businesses to reduce their energy expenses.    

Looking for energy efficient solutions for your business?

Reduce costs, help control overheads and show you’re serious about sustainability. Find a solar and energy efficiency solution for your business.