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Power Factor Correction

Improve the efficiency of your site with Power Factor Correction. This essential equipment can help deliver the right amount of energy to reduce network and demand charges.

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Correcting supply inefficiencies

Power factor is the ratio of the working power (kW) to the apparent power (kVA) supplied to your site. A site has a poor factor when a load is drawing more electrical energy than necessary for the given work. Power factor equipment can help to reduce energy costs for businesses paying demand based charges.

AGL Electroserv

AGL Electroserv are experienced technicians who provide quality power solutions to commercial and industrial customers throughout Australia. Our PFC equipment is compatible with solar PV, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), generators and Variable Speed Drive (VSD).

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Australian Multiwall Bag (AMB)

We recommended installing a Power Factor Correction unit to help reduce AMB’s energy costs at their Melbourne factory. Our PFC unit lowered their energy bills by reducing kVA demand charges.

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Reduce network and demand charges

AGL Electroserv can be deployed to help reduce network and demand charges on your energy bill. Our experts can provide guidance on whether PFC is the right solution for your business.