Understand your bill

We know there are a lot of different charges, calculations and terms used in your energy bill. To make it easy to understand your bill, all the information you need is right here.

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For small to medium businesses

A small to medium business is one that spends less than $30,000 (GST incl.) on electricity or $50,000 (GST incl.) on gas per year.

For large and multi-site businesses

A large or multi-site business is one that has more than 10 sites or spends more than $30,000 (GST incl.) on electricity or $50,000 (GST incl.) on gas per year.

Bill explainers

Our bill explainers take you through the various line items and charges that appear on your AGL electricity or gas bill. You'll find detailed explanations, page by page, on a sample AGL bill.

Charges explained

Find explanations to the terms and line items listed on your bill as well as any state specific charges.

Sample calculations

See examples of calculations to understand how your bill has been determined.

Glossary of terms

Explore the comprehensive glossary of terms including your NMI and network charges.

Download your bill explainer