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We turned on Sydney's first gas street lamps 180 years ago. Today, we're turning on new innovations in solar technology.

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For almost 180 years, AGL Energy has been at the forefront of energy innovation in Australia. From turning on the first gas street lamp in Sydney in 1841, to building Australia’s largest solar plant in 2015, we have a track-record of leading change.

Today, with an eye on the future, we’re focused on embracing innovation and technology to foster new and sustainable energy solutions for our customers.

Whether you’re looking for a commercial solar solution, energy efficient lighting or power factor correction for your business, our passion for technology and quality can be seen in all of our products and services.

Supporting a range of sectors

Our solutions in commercial solar, LED lighting and power factor correction can help businesses of all shapes and sizes, and in a range of industries.


Whether you’re making, processing, or packaging, we’ve got the expertise to reduce one of your biggest budget line items.


Whether you’re growing, farming or producing, we can help identify how you can make savings on your energy usage.


From shopping centres to local strip shops, retail businesses large and small can benefit from our solutions to help reduce operating costs.


We assist aged care homes, hospitals and clinics to keep our community healthy by helping to reduce overhead expenses.

A complete solution

Our team has everything you need for an end-to-end energy productivity solution, including access to the latest technology, quality installation, and monitoring tools to help you optimise your savings.

Our experience and capability across energy, commercial solar, energy efficient LED lighting and power factor correction mean that AGL offers your business an integrated approach.

We consider a suite of options tailored to your energy and business objectives.

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Once you decide on your energy solution, we’ll work to bring it to life. AGL has extensive experience delivering significant and complex energy projects around the country.

From sourcing the latest products and partnering with the best installation teams, we'll help you get the most from your investment. At AGL, safety is central to everything that we do, so you have peace of mind that our exacting standards will meet yours.

This means that you can get on with taking care of business while we take care of the planning, delivery, and even management of your solar, energy-efficient lighting, or PFC investment.

A range of payment options

From buying a commercial solar system outright to paying nothing upfront with our solar Smart Plan, or paying for your energy efficient lighting upgrade over time via your AGL electricity bill, we’ve got payment plans designed for your business.

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Our long history

AGL has brought energy to Australia for almost 180 years. This means we understand the needs of today’s business customers.

And when it comes to saving money and protecting your bottom line, AGL has helped businesses from all over Australia. Our experts will help you make smart choices that will help your business better manage energy costs, increase energy efficiency and improve your sustainability.

Whether you operate from a business premises that’s owned or leased, or your business is large or small, we have options to suit you. And once we’ve tailored the right solution for your business, we’ve got flexible payment options to make it happen.

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