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Electric vehicle charging

At AGL, we provide businesses with integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for the workplace, fleet, or for public charging. With EV subscriptions also available, you can transition with confidence and support going electric.

Electric vehicle plugged into charging bay AGL offers integrated electric vehicle charging solutions for businesses

What we offer

AGL is leading the charge to provide businesses with sustainable options to decarbonise. Access our range of end-to-end EV charging solutions including design, implementation and maintenance.

Initial consultation

Chat with one of our experts about your business needs.

AGL endorsed

Receive AGL endorsed hardware, equipment, supply and installation.

Easy monitoring

Oversee charging management via smart charging software.

Design your integrated EV charging solution

Bespoke solution

Find a solution that is future fit to grow your business with AGL.

End-to-end solution

Work with AGL for a seamless installation.

Ongoing management

Manage your EV chargers with our ongoing support.

Electric Vehicle subscriptions

With AGL, get fast and easy access to an electric vehicle without the price tag. Our subscriptions include the use of the EV, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance.

Woman behind a steering wheel, smiling and looking into the distance.

EV charging

All our subscriptions come with the option to install a charger. 

Novated options

We also have novated EV subscriptions available for your employees.

Future fit your EV solution

Talk to our expert team to find an end-to-end EV solution that suits your business. We will assess your needs and provide a range of options.