Installation and payments

Maximise savings with power factor correction equipment installed by our expert team.

Is PFC for you?

Power Factor Correction could be an option to generate savings for your business if:

  • You see a demand charge on your energy bill.
  • Your site has a power factor of less than 0.95.
  • You run motors, machine tools, HVAC, or refrigeration.

It's simple to turn on to PFC

AGL offers PFC solutions for new and existing sites. Our end-to-end service includes:


Analysis of your data to identify whether you will benefit from PFC.


PFC equipment recommendation, including indicative costs and payback period.


PFC equipment installation and calibration.


 Performance optimisation of the PFC equipment.


Identification of any potential performance issues.

*Additional service

How AGL can help

Our team are PFC experts

Our specialist team will work with you to maximise savings through the supply, install and maintenance of high quality power factor correction equipment.

Your team could see real savings

Many businesses have seen a payback period of a year after measures to correct their power factor.

Flexible ways to pay

Whatever the size of your business, we know that cash flow management can often be a challenge. But when it comes to PFC, we’re here to lend a helping hand. AGL offers a range of payment methods, so there’s one to suit your business’ budget and financial situation.

On bill

Suitable if you’re looking to invest in an energy-efficient solution without an upfront cost.*


Looking to reduce operating costs? Opt to pay upfront and enjoy long term savings.

*Available to eligible AGL electricity or gas customers.

Get more from your energy

Ready to reduce demand charges? Schedule a site visit with our PFC experts.

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