Shift your energy use and save

Our Commercial and Industrial Demand Response provides Australian businesses with tailored programs to improve your bottom line.

Shift the timing of your energy usage and you could receive payments for helping manage grid stability.


The right solution for your business

AGL’s Commercial and Industrial Demand Response provides a range of curtailment solutions for businesses with at least 250 kW of curtailable load and/or 250 kW of back up generation. Based on the flexibility of your business energy use, as well as the time of the year and location, we’ll help maximise your returns for shifting the time of your energy use.

Our AGL team will work with your business to determine the best program and payment structure. As part of our consultation, we’ll also recommend any demand response equipment to support your participation.

To find out if this solution is suitable for your business and how much you might receive, contact us today.

How much could my business earn?

Depending on the flexibility of your operational energy use and your business location and time of the year, Demand Response could deliver returns for your business.

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    A data centre in Victoria earned over $100,000 over five months by switching to backup generators during extreme peaks.
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    A NSW-based water utility could earn up to $92,000 this year by shifting their pumping operation a handful of times throughout the year.
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    By occasionally modifying their AC operation, an education institution in NSW earns $40,000 per year.

Is Demand Response right for my business?

The AGL Demand Response team will tailor a curtailment plan that’s right for your business.

There are plenty of ways you can use AGL’s Commercial and Industrial Demand Response to manage your energy usage. These include:

  • The amount of operational energy use (load) you’re able to reduce by shifting the time of your processes
  • Shift all or part of your electrical load to an alternative supply – for example gas or an on-site back-up generator
  • Minimising machine-based processes
  • Use storage and/or batching capabilities in your processes

AGL can help deliver a bespoke solution for your business. Simply register your interest one of our team will be in touch.

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