Project goals

The energy used to house, light, cool and keep warm these individual animals’ environments is formidable: 1.8 million kWh per year, with nearly 80% of that required at Adelaide Zoo.

Wayne Yorath, Sustainability Officer for Zoos SA, knew that upgrading to LED lighting made good business and environmental sense. AGL made it financially attainable via on-bill payments, amounting to an interest-free loan.

AGL's solution

Buildings and exhibits lighting upgrades
Existing lights (halogens, fluorescents, floodlights) were replaced with LED lighting ranging from 9w to 100w.

Fence lighting upgrades
Original 25w fence lighting was replaced with custom GL 7w x 164 individual lights.

The result

The new lighting solution has helped Zoos SA meet their goals for sustainability, ethical operations and affordability, with estimated cost savings of $271,093 over a 10-year period.

  • AGL_Icon_40px_Save-On-Energy-1_Gradient_RGB
    $22k per year
    Financial savings
  • AGL_Icon_40px_Sustainability-Report-1_Gradient_RGB
    82K kWh per year
    Environmental impact
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