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Smart CNG FAQs

CNG Trucks

  • Q What are the CO2 savings?

  • CNG can reduce life cycle (well to wheel) CO2 vehicle fleet emissions by up to 20% compared to diesel. Note that CO, NOx, PM and VOC reductions can be even greater.

  • Q Can CNG vehicles meet my needs?

  • Yes. CNG vehicles can be cheaper to run, with further security of a fuel supplied at a fixed price, reducing the market and financial risks to your business. CNG is “Cleaner, Cost effective and Proven”.

  • Q Do I get the same power and torque from a CNG truck?

  • Refer Original Equipment Manufacturer. Generally modern optimised CNG products have adequate power and torque for most urban drive cycles

  • Q How much more does a CNG truck weigh?

  • It depends on a number of factors as well as the type of tank used. Generally a CNG truck will weigh more than the diesel equivalent. 

  • Q What range will I get?

  • In general for metro use, CNG vans and trucks have more than enough range. Talk to your Original Equipment Manufacturer sales team for more detail. Generally most CNG products can do 150 to 200kms on a full load of CNG.

  • Q What training do my drivers and mechanics need to drive or service the vehicle?

  • As the vehicle drives the same as a diesel no special driver training is needed. In terms of refuelling it’s very simple, but driver training can be conducted to safely refuel the vehicle. In terms of servicing all CNG truck manufacturers have a dealer network to meet you servicing needs. Please talk to your truck supplier.

  • Q Will I be able to get my CNG truck serviced?

  • Please refer to Original Equipment Manufacturer. 

Cost Savings

  • Q How does your pricing work?

  • We have multiple pricing options for you. AGL can work with you on a suitable pricing structure. We can bundle your energy and give you a 5 year contract for gas which provides you peace of mind regardless of what happens with gas or diesel prices. We can arrange a workshop to discuss the options.

  • Q What are the fuel cost savings for my fleet?

  • CNG is a cost effective alternative to diesel.  Vehicle operators can experience savings when converting from diesel.


  • Q Is CNG safe?

  • CNG is a proven fuel  and has been used for many decades as a transport fuel in Europe and North America. AGL refuelling equipment is certified to Australian and international standards. CNG tanks are very strong and can withstand very severe treatment. It is lighter than air so it disperses and floats away in the case of a leak.



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