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GreenPower is renewably sourced energy approved and audited under the National GreenPower accreditation program. An ideal solution for customers looking to support the development of renewable energy and contribute to reducing emissions.

Two people in high vis vests and hardhats walking amongst large solar panel arrays on a solar farm AGL can source 100% of your electricity consumption from renewable energy sources

Choose the percentage

Apply Green Energy to any AGL electricity contract and choose to allocate up to 100% of your business consumption from GreenPower accredited renewable sources.

Close up of a solar panel array with the sun reflecting off it Choose to allocate up to 100% of your business consumption from GreenPower accredited renewable sources with AGL Green Energy

Asset linked or standard

Standard GreenPower

Electricity sourced from a range of GreenPower accredited generators.

Asset Linked GreenPower

Electricity sourced from a specific GreenPower accredited generator subject to availability. 

GreenPower accredited

The GreenPower program only certifies companies producing electricity from eligible renewable energy generators. Energy purchased under GreenPower supports the renewable energy sector over and above the support required through the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target.

Outback scene with two windmills and a road winding through Retail Power Purchase Agreements help to offset the carbon emissions from your consumption

More on renewable solutions

Explore solutions to meet your renewable targets and reduce emissions or find out more on specific GreenPower accredited assets.

Find the right renewable solution

Talk to our team of experts about GreenPower and other renewable solutions for your business.