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Renewable energy options

We're committed to helping you reduce your emissions and achieve your decarbonisation goals. With a range of options available, we'll find the right solution that suits your business and budget.

Birds-eye view of a substantial solar farm on a sunny day Incorporating renewable energy options

Make a difference with renewables

To work towards net zero, your business needs to consider options that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to which you may be a direct or indirect contributor.  At AGL we have a range of energy contracting options to assist in reducing your greenhouse emissions. 

Three men high vis walking along a grass path through a solar panel farm Work towards net zero with AGL


Under GreenPower, up to 100% of the electricity your business consumes is matched with renewable energy from accredited sources purchased by AGL that is added to the grid.

Two people in high vis vests and hardhats walking amongst large solar panel arrays on a solar farm

Retail Power Purchase Agreements

Our Retail Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) provide contracting options to supply you with electricity and Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) from a specified renewable generation asset within our portfolio, including wind and solar sites, to match the electricity you consume from the network.

Outback scene with two windmills and a road winding through Retail Power Purchase Agreements help to offset the carbon emissions from your consumption

Find the right renewable energy optionTalk to our team to find the right renewable energy option that suits your business'.