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AGL Electroserv designs and manufactures a range of low voltage Power Factor Correction equipment.

AGL Electroserv are quality assured to AS/NZS9000:2000 and externally audited designer and manufacturer of Power Factor Correction equipment. We manufacture both automatic and fixed PFC systems. We also service and repair all brands of PFC and guarantee all work performed with an industry leading warranty. 

Our range of Power Factor Correction Systems are rated in kVAr (kilo Volt Amps reactive) at three (3) phase 50Hz 415V. 

A technical specification can be downloaded here

For PFC equipment sized between 0 and 275 kVar, AGL Electroserv has a number of cabinets available to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

Rating up to 75 kVAr 

Cubicle Dimensions 1,040mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 250mm (d)

Click Standard max 75kVAr GA for general arrangement drawing.


Rating Up to 150 kVAr 

Cubicle Dimensions 1,200mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 450mm (d)  

Click Standard max 150kVAr GA for general arrangement drawing


Rating Up to 250 kVAr

Cubicle Dimensions 1,875mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 450mm (d)

Click Standard max 250 kVAr GA for general arrangement drawing.


Rating Up to 450 kVAr 

Cubicle Dimensions 2,000mm (h) x 910mm (w) x 550mm (d)    

Click Standard max 450kVAr GA for general arrangement drawing.


Rating Up to 900 kVAr 

Cubicle Dimensions 2,000mm (h) x 1,820mm (w) x 550mm(d)

Click Standard max-900kVAr GA for general arrangement drawing.


Custom Equipment

AGL Electroserv can design and manufacture Power Factor Correction units of any rating and can customise designs for specific applications. Such applications may include fast switching (thyristor) requirements, tight spaces, outdoor or weatherproof cabinets, or stainless steel units for corrosive environments. AGL Electroserv can also provide remote monitoring of PFC Equipment. 

If you require a custom setup, please contact us.

Pre-Tested Frame Systems (function plates)

For switchboard builders, AGL Electroserv can produce pre- tested and manufactured 'frames' These frames come complete with all the major parts pre-assembled, all that is required is a Cubicle, digital controller, fan (also available from AGL Electroserv) and main switch (optional depending on application).

If you require a pre-tested frame system, please contact us.


Replacement Parts

AGL Electroserv sells spare and replacement parts for PFC units including:

  • Power Factor Controllers
  • Reactors
  • Capacitors 

For spare or replacement parts, please contact us.



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