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AGL Electroserv installs, maintains and repairs low voltage Power Factor Correction equipment.

AGL Electroserv deliver Power Factor Correction projects across Australia. They are supported by AGL Energy Services Technical, a team of qualified and experienced technicians. 

AGL Electroserv undertakes:

  • Site surveys, harmonic analysis and power quality investigations
  • Designs and manufacture of Power Factor Correction equipment 
  • Installation of Power Factor Correction equipment
  • Commissioning of Power Factor Correction equipment 
  • Efficiency, monitoring and safety testing of PFC equipment 
  • Servicing of all brands of Low Voltage Power Factor Correction equipment
  • Repairs and refurbishment of all brands of Low Voltage Power Factor Correction equipment


AGL Electroserv recommends annual servicing for Power Factor Correction units, however, if the unit is in a dirty or dusty environment, six-monthly servicing may be more appropriate. 

Regular testing and servicing will ensure that PFC equipment continues to operate effectively. Maintaining PFC equipment can prevent increased costs associated with a poorly performing unit.

By improving how efficiently you use electrical energy, Power Factor Correction Equipment can significantly reduce energy costs for Business Customers.

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