Bill Smoothing

Spread the year's estimated energy costs into consistent, even payments.

Pay your energy bills monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

Reduce the impact of summer and wintertime bills by smoothing them out across the year.

What is Bill Smoothing?

Our Bill Smoothing payment options are ideal for residential and small business customers who want consistency and certainty when paying for their energy. Signing up for bill smoothing and combining it with automatic direct debit is our recommended way to make payments hassle-free.

To add flexibility to your energy account, you can:

  • choose a monthly, fortnightly or weekly payment schedule
  • combine with direct debit for seamless, automatic payments
  • track usage estimates against your actual usage
  • rollover unused credits to the next payment cycle
  • pause payments with 'payment holidays'
How does Bill Smoothing work

Bill Smoothing works by spreading your estimated yearly energy costs over smaller, regular instalments. For example, if your bills totalled $1200 last year, then your bill smoothing payment would be $100 per month. Bill smoothing also takes into account other factors such as price changes.

When you sign up for direct debit, these payments become automatic. Simply choose your preferred payment dates, make sure you have adequate funds and your bill will be paid on time, every time. You'll also receive review letters to keep you updated on how our estimates match your energy usage.

Is Bill Smoothing right for you?

Bill Smoothing is perfect for those looking to:

  • reduce the impact of peak summer and winter bills
  • organise household expenses into an easy, regular payment
  • create more financial certainty for budgeting

Whether it's for home or business, your energy budget works better with our bill smoothing service. To find out more, refer to the FAQs below or contact our team.

If you’re finding it hard to pay your home energy bill, there may be additional ways we can support you under our Staying Connected program.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply for residential or business customers.

Bill Smoothing process

When you’re on Bill Smoothing, you’ll receive a few letters from us throughout the year. We do this to keep you aware of how your usage is tracking against your payments and to ensure you don’t fall behind or overpay.

  1. Welcome and forecast

    When you sign up to bill smoothing, you’ll receive a letter confirming your instalments and predicted usage for the year ahead. The best way to sign up for bill smoothing is online.

  2. Review

    Throughout the course of your plan, you’ll receive information with your bills to let you know how you’re tracking and whether any changes are required. You can view more details of how we calculate instalments or make changes, in My Account.

  3. Anniversary

    Every year you’ll receive an overview of how much you’ve consumed and a summary of how much you’ve paid. Occasionally, you may be eligible for a refund or may need to pay a lump sum if your usage has been significantly over. With your anniversary letter, you’ll also receive a new forecast letter for the next 12 months ahead.

Bill smoothing FAQs

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