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AGL and the Environment


We are committed to achieving excellence in environmental management and performance.

We work to reduce the risk to the environment and reduce our environmental footprint by considering environmental outcomes in all activities.  The AGL Environment Policy outlines our approach to protecting the environment and minimising our environmental footprint in the areas where we operate. The Policy includes the following commitments:

  • We will adhere to high standards to protect the environment where we do business.
  • We will strengthen our business by integrating environmental considerations into all business activities. 
  • We will analyse and improve the way we do business to reduce environmental risks and impacts.
  • We will use resources and energy efficiently, minimising emissions and waste.

Our health, safety and environment management system is based on the requirements in Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 14001 (2014) Environmental Management Systems, and helps us to proactively manage environmental risks and compliance requirements, define environmental responsibilities, and measure and benchmark our environmental performance. 

Our strategic framework, known as Target Zero, is AGL’s commitment to providing a safe workplace and protecting the environment. ‘Target Zero’ is supported by four pillars – Culture, Systems, Capability, Risk. These pillars are designed to facilitate AGL’s performance as we strive for zero harm to people and the environment. 

In recognition of the effect that electricity generation can have on biodiversity, AGL also has a Biomass Policy that states that AGL will not source fuel for power generation from native forest or from crops located in areas cleared of native forest after 1990.

To find out more about our approach to environmental management, across the subject areas of water management, air quality, waste management, noise, biodiversity, and cultural heritage, visit our Sustainability Report.  Key environmental monitoring data is also available here on our website.




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