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Our approach to the environment and climate change

We are working hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise our environmental footprint.

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We’re committed to the environment

As Australia’s largest integrated electricity generation and retailing company, we recognise we have a special role to play in supporting and enabling the three major forces of change: customer demand, community expectations and the development of technology.

Electricity from renewable sources, backed by flexible energy storage technologies will power our homes, businesses and vehicles. Energy will be both affordable and smart, and greenhouse gas emissions will be much lower, helping us to tackle climate change. At AGL, we accept the climate science behind this vision.

This is why we’re taking action to responsibly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and manage our environmental footprint, while providing customers with secure and affordable energy. For information about our environmental performance progress, visit our Annual Reports page.

Climate Transition Action Plan

AGL released our inaugural Climate Transition Action Plan on 29 September 2022, demonstrating our commitment to communicating fully and transparently with our stakeholders about our approach to decarbonisation. 

Our Climate Transition Action Plan documents our target to exit coal generation by the end of FY35 and outlines our emission reduction targets and our ambitions to invest in new renewable and firming capacity. It also documents our commitments to continue to advocate for a responsible transition that balances energy reliability and affordability with the need to decarbonise, and to working with and supporting our people and communities through a responsible and orderly transition.

Responsibly transition our energy portfolio

AGL is committed to working constructively with our stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate, our people, our customers, government and regulators. As we plan the retirement of our large thermal sites, we are working closely with local business, industry, government and educational institutions to identify new investment prospects and encourage economic diversification.

AGL is committed to repurposing its thermal generation sites into energy hubs. The Hunter Valley, Torrens Island and Latrobe Valley hubs seek to bring together energy production and energy-intensive industries around a shared infrastructure backbone, with a focus on circular economy principles, including innovative re-use of valuable infrastructure, recycling and co-location of complementary industries.


AGL Energy is committed to providing ongoing, transparent disclosure in relation to our approach to the progressive and final rehabilitation of assets at the end of their operational lives. For the latest information of rehabilitation plans and provisions, refer to our FY23 Annual Report.

AGL’s former Greenhouse Gas Policy (2015) and 2020 Climate Statement are no longer active, and have been superseded by AGL’s Climate Transition Action Plan. The documents are available below as a record of our previous positions and commitments.

AGL Greenhouse Gas Policy (PDF) (Superseded)

AGL 2020 Climate Statement (PDF) (Superseded)


Our vision is to minimise direct impacts on biodiversity in the areas where we operate, and to promote sustainable practices that protect and enhance the diversity of plant and animal species, as well as their habitats.

For more informatoin, refer to our Biodiversity Policy.